Year Round Family Fun


Water Park: Splish Splash Pool

The Splish Splash pool is designated especially for our junior buccaneers in training. Toddlers have their own attractions designed for them. The shipwreck slide is just the right size. Tree Bouncers are also in the pool. Kids can sit in the swing and bounce in the water.

Maximum Depth: 9 inches

Height Restrictions & Rules:

  • Guests must be LESS THAN 40” tall in bare feet to participate.
  • Guests OVER 40” tall in bare feet must be accompanied by a child under 40” tall.
  • Splish Splash has a zero depth entry. This means it has a sloped entry much like a shoreline at the beach.
  • No running, jumping, horseplay or diving into the pool.
  • Only one guest per swing.
  • Only one guest at a time on the Shipwreck slide.
  • Adults may not hold their child on their lap while riding the slide.
  • Adults should not stand directly in front of the slide exit to catch children. Adults should stand to the side.
  • Remove jewelry, sandals, Aquasocks, glasses, & goggles before riding the slide. Glasses may be worn if they have a tight fitting strap. Straps available at the Seaside Market.
  • Do not spray other guests or lifeguards in the face with the water cannons.
  • Diaper dependent guests must wear an approved swim diaper. Swim diapers are available for purchase inside the Seaside Market.
  • Enter & Exit only at the designated areas.
  • For your safety, riders using the slide must be able to demonstrate upper torso control and the ability to maintain both a seated posture and center of gravity.
  • We recommend that you do not participate in the Splish Splash if you have back, neck, or head injuries, heart trouble, high blood pressure, or if you have had recent surgery.
  • Women who are or might be pregnant also should not participate.



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